Tuffdisc is a new brand of blank media that originates from the stables of tier one manufacturers in the Far East. Due to the fact that the writing speeds of dvd reach an upper limit of 16x, manufacturers are now having to rely on other features to promote their products. However, we feel that Tuff Disc has achieved this and much more.

Tuff Disc, as well as being based on a highly compatible dye, has the further advantage of being able to withstand any type of treatment thrown its way - from everyday wear and tear to the rough handling and damage caused by small children, or when taking data off-site. Our disc has been reprinted with a tough pebbledash finish producing a media surface that is 40 times more scratch resistant and 20 times more dust resistant than standard DVD media.

In addition, Tuff Disc also offers very good value for money when compared to premium branded media.